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Want to give your deck or patio a more personalized style? Elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space with landscape lighting solutions from Allscapes Ohio. Allscapes Ohio is a leading provider of residential and commercial landscaping services in Northeast Ohio including irrigation, hardscapes, and outdoor landscape lighting systems. You can rely on our expertise to give your home a beautiful, functional upgrade.

In fact, our landscape design experts can install a full range of landscape lighting solutions. Whether it’s in-ground, stair, or pathway lights, we can install a comprehensive set of light fixtures that suit your home’s aesthetic. Plus, we offer only the best in energy-efficient lighting products from leading brands. Our customers always receive the highest value for their landscape lighting installations.

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Why Install Landscape Lighting?

Visually Stunning Aesthetic

When you install quality lighting solutions from Allscapes Ohio, you elevate your home’s aesthetic. Lighting is the ideal way to highlight your home’s best features and create an attractive ambiance that will impress any guest. For example, you can use accent lights to draw attention to specific areas of your home’s architecture or add a spotlight to your favorite tree. Allscapes landscape lighting specialists are well-versed in a wide range of lighting techniques, so we can develop the perfect system to suit your home and style.

Improved Safety & Security

The patio is the ideal place to entertain guests during the warmer months and keeping you and your guests safe is a top priority. Installing deck lights and path lights is a crucial aspect of any outdoor lighting system, so traversing your outdoor space is safer and more pleasant.

In the evening, outdoor lighting will help you and your guests move around safely in the dark. These lights also make finding any doors or entryways easier to locate and eliminate the risk of tripping when traveling to and from your patio.

Additionally, outdoor lighting is a deterrent for potential intruders. Motion-activated floodlights can illuminate your patio when you are not home without impacting the style of your outdoor space.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

When you install landscape lighting with the help of trained professionals, you can significantly increase the overall value of your home. Our lighting systems highlight architectural characteristics that you love and create a visual aesthetic that is open and inviting. It also increases the functionality of your outdoor spaces at night. The additional safety and security are another aspect that prospective homeowners are always searching for.

As a result, your home will attract much more substantial offers if you ever decide to put in on the market.

Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Yard

Most importantly, adding lighting to your home’s exterior makes enjoying the outdoors a more comfortable, enjoyable experience. Whether you are looking to entertain your friends or simply relax outside, Allscapes landscape lighting systems will give your outdoor spaces the aesthetic and ambiance they need to function as a beautiful extension of your home.

Kichler Landscape Lighting Solutions

The team from AllScapes Ohio is proud to offer Kichler landscape lighting products for stunning outdoor transformations. Since 1938, the Kichler brand has distinguished itself through a commitment to detail and a dedication to design. Whether your goal is to increase the security of your space or just add to your curb appeal, you can depend on Kichler products to add the right aesthetic.

Kichler products allow for the customization of lighting levels, uniform light, protection from power irregularities, and resistance to wear. Specifically, these installations eliminate scalloping and halos while withstanding the weather and other stresses. You can count on Kichler lighting solutions to create a space that’s enjoyable for years to come.

Customers from all over the Northeast Ohio community look to the team from AllScapes Ohio for premier landscape lighting installations. Are you ready to start transforming your outdoor space? Reach out to the team of landscaping experts from AllScapes Ohio to add a new element to your home or business.

Our Landscape Lighting Options

Here at Allscapes Ohio, we offer a diverse range of landscape lighting options, so we can more effectively fulfill the landscaping and design needs of our customers. Here are some examples of our lighting solutions:

Patio Stairs & Pathways

Illuminating stairs and pathways on your deck or patio is a critical step in landscape lighting design. Not only does this add to your home’s aesthetic, but it also makes your patio much easier to navigate. Most importantly, this will keep you and your guests safe from potential tripping as they walk along your paths or go to and from home by way of outdoor staircases.

Hardscape Lighting

Our hardscape lighting options are the perfect way to highlight your favorite patio features such as benches, handrails, stone design features, outdoor kitchen areas, and more. Lighting up your hardscape features will make your outdoor space a more complete visual experience.

In-Ground Lighting

In-ground lighting is an incredibly versatile outdoor lighting option. With our in-ground lighting solutions, you can shine light on whatever you like. These lights are ideal for illuminating sidewalks, architectural designs, walls, windows, and mature trees inhabiting your yard.

Hardscape Lighting | Landscape Lighting Near Me

Do you want to renovate your outside patio, walkway, retaining walls, or fencing? If you are upgrading your outdoor space, it is a great idea to add hardscape lighting. Hardscape lighting is an excellent option to highlight your favorite patio features like benches, handrails, stone features, and more. 

After upgrading your outdoor space, it deserves to be seen at night! Plus, having hardscape lighting will aid in keeping you safe by reducing tripping hazards from poor lighting. Adding this small touch to your space will make a noticeable difference. Lighting up your hardscape features will make your outdoor space a complete visual experience.

In-Ground Landscape Lighting | Important Hardscape Lighting 

In-ground lighting is a captivating feature that AllScapes offers for its clients. This feature allows you to illuminate any outdoor feature you want. These lights are typically round, small, and installed directly into the ground to illuminate walkways, driveways, and other hardscaping areas.

Are you considering updating your hardscape lighting yourself? Leave the outdoor landscape lighting to the experts. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it will allow for the project to be completed seamlessly. Home hardscape lighting can be completed inexpensively on your own, however, cheap hardscape lighting often only lasts one season Cheap hardscape lighting becomes extremely weathered by the elements and is a hefty project to install yourself.

#1 Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company Near Me 

Since 2019, AllScapes has proudly been a leader in Northeast Ohio for hardscape lighting. If you’re looking for options for your outdoor landscape lighting needs, contact AllScapes to see how your outdoor space can be elevated with professional hardscaping services.

About Us

Allscapes Ohio is a leading provider of landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties in Summit, Cuyahoga, and Portage County as well as various surrounding areas of Northeast Ohio. Our staff is comprised of many landscaping experts, so we can readily fulfill any of your landscaping needs from irrigation to lighting. In fact, we will work by your side from the beginning design phases to the final installation of your landscaping features, ensuring we give you exactly what you need.

Here at Allscapes Ohio, we have been developing landscaping solutions for more than 10 years, so you can trust us to install the best irrigation, drainage, and lighting systems on the market. Once we develop a full understanding of what you are looking for, we can begin working on tailoring our services to your unique home. Furthermore, we offer competitive pricing for all our services. So, you can install the landscaping features you need without overspending.

Most notably, Allscapes maintains the utmost precision for all installation projects from lighting to irrigation. Our landscaping experts will provide friendly and attentive service, offering their expertise with the industry’s most advanced design and installation methods. With our experience in landscaping design, we can develop the ideal lighting, hardscaping, irrigation, and drainage features for your home.

If you have been looking for landscape lighting or other types of landscaping services in Northeast Ohio, do not hesitate to contact Allscapes Ohio!

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