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Reasons To Hire A Professional  Hardscape Landscaping Designer

So you’ve made the decision to hire a contractor for your Hardscape Landscaping project.  Allscapes Ohio offers all the services you need. From residential and commercial services to landscapes and hardscapes. Designing and delivering dream hardscapes throughout Northeastern Ohio.

What exactly is Hardscape landscaping? The term Hardscape refers to the non-living elements; the built features of landscaping. It’s a permanent structure typically built from materials such as stone, bricks, wood, and concrete. Designs include but not limited to paved areas, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, outdoor spaces, fireplaces, grilling stations, water fountains, and many more. 

So when it comes to a permanent feature that will only enhance your home; ask yourself which you want to see for the years to come, your DIY project or a professionally designed and built completed by completed contractors? Here are the reasons to hire our contractors:

Professional Landscapers Know Topography

The topography of your area in question can have a major impact on your plans. Knowing what will or not work comes with experience. Not all spaces are created alike.  Our designers will factor in the architecture, flatness or slope of your yard, and other elements. Gaining answers is crucial, such as are there areas where water tends to flow or pool when it rains? Knowing every little detail beforehand will only save money, time, and effort in the long run. Our designers will work with your land, not against it.


Style – Layout – Functionality

When looking through home magazines anyone can envision their outdoor oasis. However, our designers want to create your outdoor oasis. Mark pages, take photos and print pictures of projects you like, so our designers can implement your thoughts and ideas. 

Our designers will ask appropriate questions to learn not just you what you want but why you want it. How will the space in question be used? Entertaining, Dining, lounging? How many people do you typically host at a given time? Do you prefer one large gathering area or separate areas? How much and what type of furniture will you be purchasing? 

Our designers will work with you from start until the very end ensuring you are satisfied with your new outdoor oasis.

Understanding Climate Needs

With just about every hardscape landscaping project there will be some soft-scaping added somewhere. Climate is the number one factor when deciding which plants, shrubs, flowers be it perennials or annuals. Other factors to consider are sun, shade, drainage, and runoff. All of these items play an important role and are climate-related for each specific site and our designers will take these into consideration.

Maintaining Your Budget 

We will custom design your hardscape landscaping needs to fit your budget. Call today for an onsite quote. We strive to provide quality and professional services at an affordable rate. Your property’s curb appeal says a lot about your home or business, call us today. There’s No Scape We Can’t Handle.

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No longer the need to add on a room with walls and a roof with a backyard that is awaiting your company. Are you ready to start on your next hardscaping project? We are! Now you, your family and friends can enjoy the pleasure of extending your gatherings, birthdays, holidays, in the great outdoors.

Allscapes proudly serves the Stow, Hudson, and surrounding areas.  Whether it’s a home or business, our team will design a layout plan custom to your needs. Call today for a quote!

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