Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation Systems Installation and More

If you find yourself searching for “irrigation system installation near me”, AllScapes can help give you the the best lawn in your neighborhood! With our professionally installed irrigation watering systems, you can ditch the garden hose and sprinklers once and for all.

Our irrigation specialists have over 10 years of experience in landscaping, fertilizer, and irrigation. We ensure each sprinkler head is carefully placed for proper coverage and promoting the healthiest plants possible. A system with automatic settings allows you to be assured that your lawn is getting the best care available!

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Custom Irrigation and Irrigation System Repair

Our irrigator specialists design, install, maintain, and repair residential and commercial irrigation and sprinkler systems. It is crucial that your system is working properly to avoid wasting water. The more water is wasted, the more money comes out of your pocket.

A good irrigation system that is properly installed with the highest quality parts will provide you service for many years. However, it is important that your system must be maintained and checked regularly to ensure you’re getting the most from the system.

Common Irrigation Problems

  • Sprinkler spray heads or rotor heads are set too low, not spraying above the grass.

  • Sprinkler spray heads or rotors are out of adjustment, spraying areas that don’t need water.

  • Zone valves are leaking, not closing properly, leaving water build up around the spray heads or rotor heads.

  • Zone valves that are old and don’t turn on or don’t shut off must be replaced with new ones.

  • Controller box or timer does not work properly because of poor wiring, the box is bad, a bad battery, or faulty zone valve.

  • PVC pipes cracking or busting underground.

When you suspect there may be a leak, call us to inspect your irrigation system, locate the source of the problem, and fix it quickly.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Once a new allscape sprinkler system is installed or if you have a pre-existing system, we can work with you annualy to perform your system start up and shut off.

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System Start-Up Includes:

  • Individual zone start-up and testing

  • Adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage

  • Ensure systems is operating correctly (no leaks, no damage to heads)

  • Programming system controller for the upcoming summer season

System Shut-Off Includes:

  • Applying each zone with compressed air so it is ready for an Ohio winter season

  • If applicable back-flow device is blown out

  • Ensuring all program controllers are shut down for the winter season

It is extremely important to provide proper maintenance to your irrigation sprinkler system.  These routine maintenance programs allow us to make sure the system is in properly calibrated and working smart for you.  We offer convenient scheduling and time frames including weekends that will work for any client.

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About Us

AllScapes Ohio is proudly servicing commercial and residential properties in Summit, Cuyahoga, & Portage County.  Our professional Irrigation Installers are prepared to install a reliable and efficient sprinkler system to for your landscape.  Our irrigation specialists near you can assist you in every step of the design and installation of your lawn sprinkler system.

Our irrigation installers have been planning irrigation systems, both small and large, for over 10 years. They will work one-on-one with you, supplying you with information regarding the latest irrigation techniques and equipment. We will create a system that will be cost-effective while ensuring maximum beautification of your grounds.

The design phase is when we work with you to map out the system that you have decided best suits your needs. Again, our experience comes into play as our designers create your system using only the best materials available from the most trusted names in the irrigation industry.

Proper installation is the final step that makes your watering system a reality. AllScapes installers are courteous, highly-trained professionals, familiar with the most advanced irrigation procedures and techniques. With years of experience to assure you of an accurate and precise installation, guaranteed to meet your specifications.

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