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As Ohio’s favorite landscaping company, Allscapes Ohio serves clients in both commercial and residential properties. The areas we serve are Summit, Cuyahoga, & Portage County. Our team strives to provide quality and professional services at an affordable rate for both commercial landscaping and residential services.

Our passion is to transform outdoor spaces with original, creative designs that combine the beauty of nature and required functionality in harmonious balance. We offer services that range from weekly turf maintenance, drainage solutions, hardscapes, irrigation and fertilizer, and snow removal.

Count on us for your Irrigation System and Installation

Our expert team can design and install an irrigation system designed especially for your lawn’s needs. Allowing it to look it’s best while reducing the amount of time you have to spend taking care of it. You’ll have the best lawn in your neighborhood with minimal effort!

With our professionally installed irrigation systems, you can ditch the garden hose and sprinklers once and for all. Each sprinkler head is carefully placed to ensure proper coverage, promoting the healthiest plants possible. Automatic settings allow you to be assured that your lawn is getting the best care available!

You can trust our irrigation team members to provide you with the most up to date technology and resources to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy.

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We Want You to have the Best Lawn on Your Street

Let our professionals create a unique lawn care program designed for your lawn and needs. Our fertilizer programs can consist of early spring pre-emergent treatment, pre-emergent herbicide treatment, weed control applications, grub control application, late summer, and fall application.

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Enjoy Your Backyard Again with Our Backyard Drainage Systems and Solutions

Drainage solutions are essential so that unnecessary water does not get trapped around your home’s foundation or around your lawn. By having proper water drainage you can prevent thousands of dollars in roof leaks, mold, or damage to the interior or exterior of your home. Also if you seem to be noticing extra bugs and mosquitos it could be from water pooling in the lawn. Don’t let something as simple as extra water prevent you from utilizing your backyard! When installing the correct drainage system, our team will ensure that water gets funneled away from your home or lawn to prevent damage.

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Trust Our Landscaping Company for Unique Hardscape and Landscaping Designs

Let our team take on your design ideas for your outdoor space. Fireplaces, grilling stations, and water features. AllScapes Ohio offers a wide range of options for your hardscape design. Enhance your commercial or residential property with custom paver patios & walkways. We offer a number of retaining wall and fencing options for you to choose from. We can help add structural curb appeal to any outdoor setting. And to top off our hardscape services, we offer instillation of long lasting composite decks. Let us create your idyllic backyard oasis.

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Your All Year-Round Landscaping Company with Snow Removal Services for Both Residential and Commercial

We offer snow and ice management plans for both our commercial and residential clients. We customize our plans to fit the need of each individual client. We work round the clock before, during, and after the storm to make sure our clients are taken care of swiftly and efficiently. Our staff is experienced and ready to battle our Northeast Ohio winter season.

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Ohio’s One Stop Shop for All Commercial Landscaping Services: Lawn Maintenance, Leaf Removal, Snow Plowing

We offer multiple options to fit every property that can help enhance the properties potential. That ranges from weekly mowing services, weed maintenance programs, fertilization programs, and much more. We offer free quotes with a knowledgeable technician for all of our commercial landscaping services.

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