What is Stamped Concrete?

stamped concrete installers near meHave you been planning a backyard transformation? One way to give your patio a striking look is through a modern stamped concrete patio. Stamped concrete refers to concrete that installers have embossed or textured to mimic the appearance of bricks, slate, stone, tile or wood, for example. 

Stamped concrete makes an ideal addition for patios, driveways, pools and more. These installations are notably resistant to weather damage and can accommodate countless color and texture choices. 

Most commonly, the installation of a seamless stamped concrete patio involves the application of a base color, the adding of an accent color and the stamping of the pattern. 

First, the installers plan and diagram the pattern of the surface. Next, the team pours the concrete and allows it to set. Then, they apply both color hardeners and release agents and apply the custom stamp pattern. Finally, the team addresses other details specific to the project and cuts contraction joints.

Stamped Concrete Patios Pros and Cons

Overall, a stamped concrete patio tends to be more affordable than a paver, brick or natural stone installation. Alternative materials tend to cost more in the long run when it comes to both repair and routine maintenance. In addition, homeowners and business leaders can choose from endless customization options for these patios. Stamped concrete patios can also accommodate non-skid additives to prevent injuries.

Stamped Concrete Installers Near Me

Stamped concrete installations also tend to set faster than similar patio solutions and can often last longer than the alternatives. 

However, if you had been planning a DIY project, then a stamped patio may not be the ideal solution for you. Processes such as base preparation and timing of stamping must be precise and are typically best to leave to professional installers. In addition, you will not likely benefit from a stamped patio installation if you are not willing to commit to consistent cleaning.

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