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AllScapes Ohio offers irrigation services near me that ensure excess water doesn’t get trapped around your home’s foundation or around your lawn. Proper water drainage can prevent thousands of dollars in potential damage caused by roof leaks, mold, or exterior damage on your home. Plus, without irrigation system repair near me, you may have water start to pool in your yard. This can attract bugs and mosquitoes to your property, which makes the outdoor experience less enjoyable.

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Thankfully, flooding issues and drainage problems can be avoided when you work with the top yard drainage company near me. AllScapes Ohio serves Northeast Ohio residents and property owners with top irrigation services near me, including drainage services and more. Rather than trying to fix your yard with a DIY solution, get it done right the first time by investing in irrigation services near me. We can help you determine which drainage system will work best for your space, and we’ll complete a swift and professional installation of your new irrigation system. 

We offer three drainage options:

  • Downspouts
  • French Drains 
  • Grading of lawn

Before you move forward with our irrigation services near me, let’s take a look at how these drainage systems work.

Downspouts | Irrigation Services Near Me

Downspouts are a popular tool homeowners use to guide rainwater flow away from their home’s foundation. When it rains, every home should have a system of gutters that control and manage water flow so it doesn’t build up around the home. Downspouts are part of the gutter system, as they are usually connected to gutters with elbow-shaped pipes that are placed where the water exits.

Downspouts point away from the home so that the water doesn’t build up and sit near the siding or foundation. With water build up comes problems like mold, mildew, and potentially flooding. So, downspouts move the rainwater away in a constant flow to avoid these issues. Our yard drainage company near me is skilled in installing downspouts that you can count on to last.

Some property owners opt to have their downspouts integrated underground, or as part of a French drain system. Both of these options move water away, efficiently, from the home during a storm with heavy rainfall. Or, you can simply have your downspouts installed beside the home for fast and effective water flow. If you need your downspouts replaced, count on AllScapes Ohio for irrigation system repair near me.

French Drains

French drains are used to prevent ground and surface water from leaking into your home’s foundation. This irrigation system has proven effective for decades as a way to prevent water damage. In addition to French drains being used as a way to protect buildings, they’ve also been used to distribute water in septic tanks. French drains have also been used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure, reducing the threat of buildup.

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When it comes to French drains as part of AllScapes irrigation services near me, you can count on this tried-and-true method. A French drain is essentially a trench filled with a perforated pipe and gravel, so water can pass through the pipe and away from your yard. Think of this as an underground solution to water buildup.

As a top yard drainage company near me, our experts can put in a French drain on your property that will last. The installation of a French drain will vary depending on the project, but here are some basic steps of installation:

  • Finding a location: To find the right location, first you’ll determine where the extra water is pooling. Then, you’ll determine where you want the water to flow. Remember that the water should always be directed away from your home.
  • Digging the trench: Next, a trench will be dug for the pipe. This trench will be deep enough to safely hold the pipe, and will need to be built at a slope so the water can be pulled away from your home by gravity.
  • Lining and prepping the trench: The French drain trench will then need to be lined properly so that salt, dirt, and gravel won’t break into the pipe. This prevents the future need for irrigation system repair near me.
  • Placing the gravel pipe: The gravel will then be poured into the trench, and the pipe will be placed. The gravel acts as bedding for the pipe to hold it down and in place, so it can successfully move water through.
  • Final touches: Once the pipe is in place and functioning, our yard drainage company near me will fill the trench back up with topsoil and return your yard to normal. Next time it rains, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your French drain system is functioning properly and moving water away from your home.

Lawn Grading | Yard Drainage Company Near Me

Lawn grading is a proven drainage solution that adjusts the surface of your yard for proper water flow. 

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There are different types of lawn grading, so don’t let the term fool you. Lawn grading can also refer to the total smoothing or flattening of a surface for other hardscaping or landscaping projects. When it comes to using lawn grading for irrigation services near me, the lawn is usually graded to a slope to move the water runoff from where it’s currently going to a new location.

In most cases, the lawn will be graded to slope away from the house so water doesn’t pool next to the foundation and cause flooding or other problems. If you’re looking for a yard drainage company near me with years of experience in lawn grading for drainage, AllScapes can help.

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