Want to give your lawn the extra boost it is looking for?  Let us design and install an irrigation system designed especially for your lawn’s needs that allows it to look it’s best while reducing the amount of time you have to spend taking care of it.  You’ll have the best lawn in your neighborhood with minimal effort!

With our professionally installed irrigation systems, you can ditch the garden hose and sprinklers once and for all.  Each sprinkler head is carefully placed to ensure proper coverage, promoting the healthiest plants possible. Automatic settings allow you to be assured that your lawn is getting the best care available!

You can trust our irrigation team members to provide you with the most up-to-date technology and resources to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy.

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Money Saving Techniques

Don’t’ waste your time and money watering your plants during the daytime.  While daylight may seem like the best time for yard work it’s not ideal for your wallet!  Our systems take advantage of watering the lawns and other shrubberies in the early morning hours while you are still sleeping.  

By setting your sprinkler system’s operating run time to the early morning hours, you can expect to save between 30% and 50 % of the water you would otherwise be using.  Watering before sunrise is essential because it gives the soil enough time to absorb the water rather than be evaporated by the hot sun.

 We analyze the area to determine the best configuration for your new irrigation system. Factors like paved surfaces, varying plant types, and shape and or slope of your outdoor space are all highly considered in our design process to make sure we place sprinklers in the ideal location and maximize efficiency.  

Irrigation Maintenance: 

Once your new system is installed or if you have a pre-existing system we can work with you yearly to do your system start up and shut off.

System Start-Up Includes:

  • Individual zone start-up and testing

  • Adjust sprinkler heads for proper coverage

  • Ensure systems is operating correctly (no leaks, no damage to heads)

  • Programming system controller for the upcoming summer season

System Shut-Off Includes:

  • Applying each zone with compressed air so it is ready for an Ohio winter season

  • If applicable back-flow device is blown out

  • Ensuring all program controllers are shut down for the winter season

It is extremely important to provide proper maintenance to your irrigation system.  These routine maintenance programs allow us to make sure the system is in properly calibrated and working smart for you.  We offer convenient scheduling and time frames including weekends that will work for any client.

Allscapes is Backflow Certified

Did you know that every commercial and residential irrigation system is required by the state of Ohio to have a backflow system? This system has to be tested annually by a certified backflow technician. Allscapes is proudly backflow certified by the state of Ohio, meaning we can test your backflow at the same time we start your irrigation system. This saves you time and money, and ensures you’re within compliance!

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