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If you find yourself searching for “hardscape contractors near me”, AllScapes can help give you the best custom hardscape design in your neighborhood!

Our professional hardscape installers and hardscape designers offer both residential and commercial hardscaping services. Hardscaping services that are not only friendly and effective but also competitively priced. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of stylistic options, so you can build a beautiful new patio without exceeding your budget. Our dedicated team will work closely with you and get to know your hardscaping needs and expectations, ensuring we make your creative vision a reality.

hardscaping near me

What is Hardscape Landscaping?

Hardscape is the implementation of stone and structure in the design of a landscape. Softscape features are organic implementations such as plants and trees. There are many options designed to help your property look beautiful.

Every property is unique. We resolve drainage issues and install features customized to your preferences.

Some possible hardscape landscaping features can include:

  • Retaining Walls

  • Stonework

  • Stamped Patios

  • Paved Patios or Pavers

  • Flower Gardens

  • Plant Beds

  • Aquatic features including fountains, ponds, and more

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Fire Pit or Fireplace

  • Outdoor Kitchen

  • Decks

Hardscape Designers

When searching for “hardscape designers near me,” you can count on Allscapes Ohio to bring creative designs that elevate your property’s aesthetic. Allscapes pays close attention to detail, especially the topography of your property. The topography can have a significant impact on the planning of new patios and walkways, so we take every factor into consideration.

These factors include the architecture, flatness, slope and other elements of your yard. As a result, we can save you time and money in the long run with more precise installations.

A well-designed landscape brings a harmonious balance between hardscape and softscape. Your hardscape is any of the hard, non-living material that makes up pathways, retaining walls and patio spaces. Hardscape landscaping is typically made of some sort of rock, stone, or concrete.

5 Common Hardscape Design Stones

  • Decorative Gravel

  • Decomposed Granite

  • Synthetic Boulders

  • Slate

  • Flagstone

Using a variety of hardscaping materials can bring your outdoor living space to life. Hiring Allscapes Ohio as your hardscape designer is the best way to transform your backyard into a getaway oasis. A hardscaping project will add a unique flair to your backyard. Whether you’re looking to enhance your residential or commercial property, Allscapes can create concrete patios & walkways with the highest quality in the industry.

Hardscape Contractors

If you’re looking for “hardscape contractors near me,” trust our landscaping company for unique hardscape and landscaping designs. When looking for a hardscape contractor, you want to hire someone who understands and has experience in the following areas:

hardscape contractors near me
  • Hardscape Typography

  • Style

  • Layout

  • Functionality

  • Understanding climate needs

  • Maintaining budget

Learn more about how our Hardscape Contractors are ready to help you:

Reasons to Hire a Hardscape Contractor
Hardscape Contractor Services

Landscaping Stow Ohio

About Us and Our Hardscape Installers

Allscapes Ohio is proudly servicing commercial and residential properties in Summit, Cuyahoga, & Portage County. We are a Hudson landscaping company with professional hardscape installers who are prepared to install beautiful, functional designs that are sure to elevate your property.

Our hardscape installers have been installing Allscapes’s Hardscapes for 10+ years. We will create a creative hardscape landscape that will be cost-effective while ensuring maximum beautification of your landscape.

The design phase is when we work with you to decide what features best suit your needs. Our experience comes into play as our designers create your system using only the best materials available offered at an affordable price.

Proper installation is the final step to bringing your hardscape dreams to reality. AllScapes installers are courteous, highly-trained professionals, familiar with the most advanced installation procedures and techniques. With years of experience to assure you of an accurate and precise hardscape scenery that will meet your specifications.

As one of the top Stow landscaping companies, you can count on us to create a unique landscaping plan to keep your landscape healthy and looking great. We also offer core aeration, insecticide treatments, compost topdressing, and more to complement our other services. We can create a combination of services to meet your exact lawn care needs.

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